One more detail….

She’s due in August, which means she’ll take her time picking, but also, if we are it, we will have a little time to prepare too!

Our agency says what yours does, Rachael–don’t do too much beforehand, and things will all fall into place. They recommend the 3 C’s– carseat, camera, clothes to be ready to take to the hospital. Then they say “Call your mother or 1 good friend ….when you get home with the baby, it will all be there. If it isn’t , call us and we have extras you can use!”

So there you have it! It’s all way too surreal. I’ll be sure to keep this “posted”….

Other random thought pertaining to this:

We have no girl name. We have a boy name, but no girl name!

If we need a girl name, I guess it’s a good problem to have!!

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  1. Teachers totally have it bad as far as picking a name – I don’t know how more teachers’ kids don’t have weird names.

    Even though 4 months is a while to wait, I hope she makes a decision soon so that (heaven forbid!) she doesn’t pick you, you don’t stay on hold for too long.

    Is she from an area kinda near yours? Would she want to visit with you and stuff? Then maybe the sooner she picks, the more you can get to know her.

    Good luck with everything!! I’m so glad that you haven’t had to wait long to get your first short list!

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