Someone Thinks We’ll Make Good Parents!!

OMG!! Talked to our case worker today–someone is seriously considering us for her unborn child!!!

Our caseworker wanted to give us a little background on her, in case she does pick us. She’s considering us and two other couples. Wow! Wow! Wow! We’ll know in a few weeks if we were picked. I can’t believe it is happening so fast. Now I know that nothing is for certain, and even if she did pick us it still might not go through. But this tells us that people are looking through our album and liking it!! (we are 2 kick-ass yearbook editors, afterall)

So overwhelmed right now–we have NOTHING for this child except a botle of detergent. Nothing to wash, no diapers, no car seat, nothing. I know it will all come together as it is supposed to–but this summer? Really? How Amazing!!! Anyone out there reading this, please pray for us!!

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  1. 1. Wow – you (potentially) got picked fast! I have a few guesses as to why, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get picked AND that she doesn’t change her mind (always a scary possibility)

    2. Don’t worry about having nothing. At K&K we actually tell people that they should wait until the consent has been signed before getting baby stuff. It saves some heartache if she changes her mind. They’ll give you enough diapers, formula, etc at the hospital, and it’s easy enough to grab a car seat and a bassinet at Target.

    Again, keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  2. OMG!!!!!

    I’ll pray and cross everything. YOu know all those “it’s meant to be” stories. If this is your baby, it’s going to happen.

    And we can baby shop whenever it’s time. I love that shit. 🙂

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