Don’t all grown up ladies celebrate Mother’s Day?

This past week we have been working on the Mother’s day projects at school. As one of my sweet girls was finishing hers up, she says,” I was thinking that maybe you would like a surprise for mother’s day. Would you like that?”

I smile and say,” But I”m not a mother!”

Sweet girl #2 says,” But you are married.” (Here we go again…..)

I then explain a few terms,” When you are married, you are a wife. You’re not a mother until you have a child.”

Sweet girl #1, ” So you don’t get a surprise on Mother’s day?”

As tempted as I am to put in a plug for a free gift, I clarify one more time,” I am not a mother. I”m a teacher, but not a mother. I am giving a present to my mother for Mother’s day, but I don’t have a child to give me a present for Mother’s day.”

“Oh. So you don’t need a surprise for that day?” askes sweet girl #1 for clarification.


“Well, you are kind of like our mother,” says sweet girl #2.

Ah, but not so much as your own mother, I think to myself. I am a trusted caregiver yes, but not actually a mother. Not this year, anyway….

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  1. yep, not this year anyway … but you will be. I’m blessed to read you’re willing to adopt. What a blessing!

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