Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

We hav to stop meeting like this. Using the iPhone app, minutes before the clock strikes 12, with no time or energy tobsayich to each other. I’m taking it as a good sign summer is going well — that things are busy enough I don’t have so much time to record it all.

My goal is to catch up soon….



Super quick— today I learned why I make morning game plans for my kids, AND about Internet bandwidth. I will sleep on both and report back tomorrow. (25 days of blogging down!)

WFMW: Super Easy, Super Cool Party Favor

If you are here via ICLW, welcome. If you are here via WFMW, welcome. If you don’t speak in abbreviations, welcome!

Today’s tip is sooooo easy, I wish I could say I thought of it myself. But I didn’t. I totally hijacked this idea from my friend. MaM went to her son’s party and came home with one and it was the best loved party favor ever.

So of course we had to have them for Jr’s second birthday.

Are you ready?

Mylar Helium Balloons!

(Wait! You think: isn’t that kind of spendy??)

Here’s the secret: they are from……..THE DOLLAR STORE.

Yes, the Dollar Store (assorted chains of dollar stores, I don’t even remember which we one used) sells character, theme and assorted balloons for $1.

Party On!

(NOTE: Get a balloon anchor while you are there, or bring some washers, or at least remember they are in your car when you open the door. Otherwise, Grandma may have to go buy a replacement balloon or two while you get the party started. Good thing they are only $1…..)