Totally Cheating on Today’s Post

If I admit it in the headline, you have to accept it, right**

For reals, today’s post is just a link….did you know that The Adoption Writers at Grown in My Heart has a review/giveaway site? Sometimes I forget myself. Then I take on a post to write, and it’s all, hey! there’s this secondary blog with some fun things on it!


My first post over there is about the Energizer Ultimate Photo Contest and a battery giveaway that goes with it.

**In my defense, I’m coming off of the four-day business trip of BgK, which was sort of out of the blue. My tactic for coping is to keep the children as busy as possible. So I’m kinda tired…..

Day 10 DOWN.

I Learned How to Be a Mom from the Best

Always listening to my crazy tales

If you haven’t seen it already, Grown In My Heart is hosting a Mother’s Day photo contest/carnival¬† this week. I’ve known about this project for almost two weeks, but here I am, getting my link in under the wire.

This project has been good for a few things, including bringing to my attention that I don’t have many photos of my mom on my computer. Also, I either need to steal my dad’s files that he’s been scanning for the past 5 years or start getting my printed photos on a portable hard drive somehow.

Anyway……this photo was taken almost seven years ago at my surprise 30th birthday party. I have . NO idea what I was telling her, but she, as she always is, was interested. Because she’s my mom and she’s awesome.

(an aside…that’s my grandma (dad’s mom) in the background, at the time she was not quite 90, now she’s a spry 96.5!!!)

We Are the Truth

By now you’ve probably heard of the horrific story involving a Russian boy being put on a plane and essentially returned to Russia by his adoptive mother. We did a special post about it at Grown in My Heart – want to read the opinions of EIGHT opinionated writers? Here’s the link:

Today (4/15/10) has been declared “An Adoption Blogger Day” by the Joint Council on International Children Services. It’s a day for families involved with adoption to tell their stories. Stories that talk about the day-to-day. Stories that talk about tough adoption issues. Stories that talk about love. Stories that speak the truth.

So here’s our story:

Almost five years ago we became parents through open, domestic adoption and we’ve never looked back. We’ve never regretted it. We had no idea how much our children would change us for the better. We had no idea how much we would love these children. How much we weren’t living until they arrived.

Oh the love……

A Windy Easter Sunday, 2010

I don’t know that there’s a McLinky for today’s event. But if you’re in the mood for some Adoption Truth, I’d start with the GIMH’s list of 101 best Adoption Blogs. And click here to learn more about We Are The Truth A Campaign and Call to Action EDITED TO ADD: Here’s a link to other We Are the Truth posts.