I Learned How to Be a Mom from the Best

Always listening to my crazy tales

If you haven’t seen it already, Grown In My Heart is hosting a Mother’s Day photo contest/carnival¬† this week. I’ve known about this project for almost two weeks, but here I am, getting my link in under the wire.

This project has been good for a few things, including bringing to my attention that I don’t have many photos of my mom on my computer. Also, I either need to steal my dad’s files that he’s been scanning for the past 5 years or start getting my printed photos on a portable hard drive somehow.

Anyway……this photo was taken almost seven years ago at my surprise 30th birthday party. I have . NO idea what I was telling her, but she, as she always is, was interested. Because she’s my mom and she’s awesome.

(an aside…that’s my grandma (dad’s mom) in the background, at the time she was not quite 90, now she’s a spry 96.5!!!)

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    I can feel your amazing energy from the picture. You both are so engaged in one another. Perfect.

    Call me for a coffee date!

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