40 Bags in 40 Days: Palm Sunday

Have I reached my 40 bags? I haven’t been keeping super track lately, but I think I am probably close. What I’ve accomplished has been kind of amazing -I’ve gone through every closet and cabinet in our home and de-junked it. A few different categories have become better organized and centrally located, which makes life easier. Things we are no longer using have made their way to Goodwill and a garage sale and are being useful to someone else. Other things have been disposed of, because sometimes it’s just time to be done.

I feel a little lighter, and there is less cussing when I open particular closets and cabinets. I’m thinking there are a couple of ways to do this on a regular basis — either at the start of each season, just work through the house like I’ve been doing, until it’s done. Another option would be to take a spot a week, or assign each space in the house a day of the week. I’ll be experimenting with what works, but I’m hopeful some of the organization will last.

40 Bags in 40 Days: Virtual Clutter, Virtual Trash

As I move through this 40 day de-cluttering project, I’m noticing more and more what weighs me down. I’ve stopped cussing so much when I open the closets and cabinets. The dresser drawers are a less full, and it feels like there’s a little more room to breath.

That’s when I started noticing something that still made me roll my eyes and mutter every morning: email. Precisely, the 395964820 promotional emails I get every.single.day.

Sure, when I was reading Anna Karenina with Oprah, it made sense to get the daily newsletter that highlighted each week’s reading selection. But after I was done with that book, I never unsubscribed.

It made sense to get those Travelocity fare watcher emails when I was looking for plane fares last summer, but we’re not flying this summer.

And while I love looking at all Groupon offers in the midwest, I don’t need to see all of them every day (I’ll probably end up saving a lot of money, actually).

I won’t notice not getting pizza, oil change, and clothing deals every week.

I should save a little time every day not doing a massive delete, I’ll let go of the nagging “I should really click through and read this”, and I’ll avoid getting crazy ideas like “yes! I should totally by 24 widgets to¬† get 6 free”.

I stopped short of taking a screenshot, but it’s true — I unsubscribed from over 40 different subscriptions today. 28 days down, only 12 more to go!

40 Bags in 40 Days: the Next Step

So after Wednesday’s post, I got another bag out from my little corner in the living room. Then we left town.

But I have new motivation when I return — someone wants my stuff for a garage sale for a very good cause.

In my inbox this weekend, I got a message from Amy of Stinky Toes Design (go check out her stuff) and she’s collecting items for a giant garage sale at the end of this week. It’s like she knew I had bags and bags of stuff sitting in my garage, just waiting to be donated somewhere.

Amy & her family are having this giant sale as a fundraiser to put raise funds for the adoption of their two girls, who are slowly making their way home from Africa. (If you’re local, and you’d like to donate, let me know and I’ll put you in touch)