40 Bags in 40 Days: Virtual Clutter, Virtual Trash

As I move through this 40 day de-cluttering project, I’m noticing more and more what weighs me down. I’ve stopped cussing so much when I open the closets and cabinets. The dresser drawers are a less full, and it feels like there’s a little more room to breath.

That’s when I started noticing something that still made me roll my eyes and mutter every morning: email. Precisely, the 395964820 promotional emails I get every.single.day.

Sure, when I was reading Anna Karenina with Oprah, it made sense to get the daily newsletter that highlighted each week’s reading selection. But after I was done with that book, I never unsubscribed.

It made sense to get those Travelocity fare watcher emails when I was looking for plane fares last summer, but we’re not flying this summer.

And while I love looking at all Groupon offers in the midwest, I don’t need to see all of them every day (I’ll probably end up saving a lot of money, actually).

I won’t notice not getting pizza, oil change, and clothing deals every week.

I should save a little time every day not doing a massive delete, I’ll let go of the nagging “I should really click through and read this”, and I’ll avoid getting crazy ideas like “yes! I should totally by 24 widgets to¬† get 6 free”.

I stopped short of taking a screenshot, but it’s true — I unsubscribed from over 40 different subscriptions today. 28 days down, only 12 more to go!

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