40 Bags in 40 Days: Palm Sunday

Have I reached my 40 bags? I haven’t been keeping super track lately, but I think I am probably close. What I’ve accomplished has been kind of amazing -I’ve gone through every closet and cabinet in our home and de-junked it. A few different categories have become better organized and centrally located, which makes life easier. Things we are no longer using have made their way to Goodwill and a garage sale and are being useful to someone else. Other things have been disposed of, because sometimes it’s just time to be done.

I feel a little lighter, and there is less cussing when I open particular closets and cabinets. I’m thinking there are a couple of ways to do this on a regular basis — either at the start of each season, just work through the house like I’ve been doing, until it’s done. Another option would be to take a spot a week, or assign each space in the house a day of the week. I’ll be experimenting with what works, but I’m hopeful some of the organization will last.

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  1. Outstanding! Congratulations! I am at that stage where I feel completely irritated that there is STILL stuff in my house, since I feel like I’ve gotten so much out, but I’m so thrilled by the organized parts! You’re right, you do feel lighter. 🙂 And certainly there are tasks which are easier now… for instance, I found my checkbook while cleaning and that helped out a LOT. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Funny story about my checkbook– I recently put the bill-paying checkbook, stamps, and address labels in plastic pouch, so it’s all together. TWICE I’ve not been able to remember where I put it when I needed to write checks, so I’ve started a new pad of checks. I’ve then found the pouch and added said newly started pad. TWICE. So I have three started pads of checks right now, sitting in the pouch. I better be able to find it the next time I need it!

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