Coming Full Circle in Four Years

This week I found myself sitting in on the volunteer training session for kindergarten. In addition to a background check, parents who would like to volunteer have to also attend a short training seminar. I was mildly amused by the whole thing.


Well, four years ago I would have been the teacher advising the volunteers. I would have been the one coming up with ways for parents to be involved. I would have been the one reminding parents the importance of being punctual.

Funny how four years can change all that.

Four years ago I was teaching preschool and kindergarten.

Three years ago I was forced to reinvent myself, mostly while hanging out with my two year old.

Two years ago we settled into a groove with a new career, a preschooler and a first grader.

The groove was a good one, so we’ve stayed there. Only now with a kindergartner and a third grader, there’s less driving and I’m able to do things.

Like volunteer in kindergarten.

It’s not a bad place to be. Not a bad place to be at all.

What were you doing four years ago? Are you doing it today? Clearly, Andrew has grown and changed!


11 Replies to “Coming Full Circle in Four Years”

    1. Ha! So true. What’s funny is that I’ve been working part-time (while the kids are in school) in an office for the past two years…no one ever seems to notice that!! Mostly, my days won’t change all that much!

  1. I JUST wrote a post about my transition from teacher to WAHM. I feel like I am finally in the place where I want and need to be – so I can do things like volunteer and be all up in my kids’ business. I love seeing both of our stories come full circle!

    (Also, four years ago the oldest was about two months old, so I was probably sleep deprived, leaking milk, and unshowered. These days I am no longer leaking milk – not much else has changed.)

    1. It’s weird not “going back to school” but not in a bad way, I’ve learned. And not leaking milk is probably a good things for your suddenly full social calendar!! Enjoy, friend!

  2. I can barely remember four years ago. So I looked it up on my blog. Ha! We had just paid off our car in July and we’re grinding the gears toward digging into our 2nd largest debt – the Target VISA card. It had been a year since I had stepped down from my job and I was home full-time but not able to volunteer in the 1st grade room because I had an 18 month old in my care. There were no ideas of weekly tv appearances, newspaper columns, major writing projects, speaking to large audiences, or really even having paid off $127K in my mind. Simply the process of daily getting through the journey we were on and beginning to share it a little more loudly with others. And writing this kinda terrifies me at where we might be in four years. It’s a good thing steps come in gradually rather than all at once. 😉

    1. Blogs are handy for looking back, aren’t they?? Love it. If I’ve learned anything in my thirties, it’s that John Lennon was right- life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

  3. I think it was right around 4 years ago that we met! Perhaps you should edit that into your post as it was so life-changing! HAAAAAA! Love the look back and where you are now!

  4. Four years ago seems like a lifetime sometimes, doesn’t it? I, too, had to check back to the good ol’ blog. Elena was starting 2nd grade, and would still let me put her hair in pigtails. I was dressing Eli in seersucker rompers and getting away with it. I had just taken my first photography class and trying to figure out this thing called flickr. And yes, I had just met many of you for the first time at BlogHer! I could never imagine my life as it is today, but that is just what I love about life. Something about the best laid plans? So fun to look back, though!

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