I’m on vacation in Florida, and I am finally internet connected to share……

We’ve Been Picked!!! A different person than the one who had narrowed us down—this woman has PICKED us!! We are supposed to meet when I get back this coming week.

She’s due August 8th!! So, things will move quickly, I guess! No time to hem and haw about it–ta da and we will be parents!!

We are geeked but yet somehow subdued, partially in shock, and partially afraid that it won’t go through….but cautiously optomistic!!

I shall keep you all posted….but if one day this blog isn’t here and there’s a link to a baby website, don’t be too surprised!!

One more detail….

She’s due in August, which means she’ll take her time picking, but also, if we are it, we will have a little time to prepare too!

Our agency says what yours does, Rachael–don’t do too much beforehand, and things will all fall into place. They recommend the 3 C’s– carseat, camera, clothes to be ready to take to the hospital. Then they say “Call your mother or 1 good friend ….when you get home with the baby, it will all be there. If it isn’t , call us and we have extras you can use!”

So there you have it! It’s all way too surreal. I’ll be sure to keep this “posted”….

Other random thought pertaining to this:

We have no girl name. We have a boy name, but no girl name!

If we need a girl name, I guess it’s a good problem to have!!