So where should I send my check?!?!

Did you know that Google is also a calculator? I didn’t, but tried anyway because where else could I possibly divide 700,000,000,000 (money Congress just agreed to send to Wall Street) by 138,000,000 (estimated number of taxpayers in 2007)??? My calculator doesn’t go up into billions–I don’t usually work on Federal Finances at home. 

Anyway, my portion is just over $5k, if you assess every taxpayer equally (which doesn’t actually happen, some people pay more, some people pay less). Which means that hubby, also a taxpayer, is also on the hook for $5k. Hmm….$10k. How will I spend it? Finance an adoption? Save it for the downpayment on the house we want (but aren’t buying until we have a downpayment! novel!)? Replace our 10 year old car? Save it for a rainy day? Nah….I’ll give it to the government. I’m sure they’ll spend it wisely. Maybe they’ll use it to buy up a bank that holds bad loans it can’t get rid of. Maybe it will go to some poor millionaire exec about to lose his job. 
Seriously, I am not all that politically motivated. I’m really not. But I’m really peeved about this whole thing. 

Coming out of the Political Closet TT#14

NOT! Have you noticed the lack of politics on this blog? I have to say I’m more engaged in this election that I have been in a long time. Here are a few of my thoughts, favorite links and observation on the whole thing, keeping me busy as I make up my mind as to whom to believe :

1) The barriers that this election have broken down are historic, and will benefit the political environment in America for the rest of time. The fact that my daughter will have more opportunities because of Senator Clinton and Govenor Palin makes me happy. 
2) Does either one of them (or both) make you snicker, pull out your claws or judge? Consider this: when my great grandmother was my age, she couldn’t vote. Why? Because she was female. The fact that women have, in the past 90 years gone from not being able to vote to contending for the highest levels of elected office is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.
3) On the flip side, the SNL skit with the two of them? Made me laugh and laugh, and I’ve watched it over and over….
4) The amount of money both major-party candidates are spending makes me sick to my stomach. . 
5) The biased media (mostly biased toward the left) is ridiculous. The tone of some AP articles are so ridicuously slanted toward the Democratic party they may as well have been written as press releases by Obama’s staff. 
6) The advent of hulu and youtube make catching all of the speeches by all of the candidates so easy to watch–I’m hoping this year’s voters are more informed than ever. 
7) The amount of advertising in Indiana I think is unprecedented–is it possible the Hoosier state will go blue this year?
8) I’m appreciating the Indy Stars “Just the Facts” feature, which sifts through all of the mudslinging and attempts to get the facts straight.
9) I’m also appreciating –I find it’s set up unique and helpful in attempting to see both sides. 
10) To see John McCain’s Senate record, try this Washington Post link
11) To see the same info on Barack Obama, use this link.
12) Not many of the blogs I frequent have gone very political, and there are far more bloggers that I read than those I know IRL. To get to know you better, please take my poll of to the left.  
13) Both Obama’s website and  McCain’s give information on how to register to vote. If you haven’t yet, REGISTER ALREADY!! Depending on where you live, the deadline may be approaching to register in order to vote in this election!
What are your thoughts on this election “event” ?? No need to come out of the closet…I haven’t!

Dare to Wear White

Today’s topic is 100% girl talk–girl talk of the “ladies’ days” variety, if you must know. While we may talk about our periods in general terms, in terms of “it’s that time of the month”, “I’m feeling hormonal”, and “just pass me the Midol”, who talks about what really happens during a menstrual period? Once your done reading the general “Your Period and You” type literature in junior high, how often do you delve into specifics?

So today I’m asking you-do you wear dark pants and long shirts during your period in case of accidents? Do you sometimes pass on social activities because of discomfort during you period? Do you buy your supplies in bulk and go through the bulk–every month (or even more often)?

Menorrhagia (the official name of heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding) is a real medical condition, and it’s one that is more common than you may think. According to the National Women’s Health Research Center, 1 in 5 women suffer from heavy periods.

If you are doubling up on protection (tampon and a pad for backup) and/or changing your protection more than every 1-2 hours, please take a look at This website is full of information, discussion starters to take to your doctor, and more. There are various causes (polyps, hormone imbalances and more) and various courses of treatment for this condition. Personally, about two years ago, I did have a wallop of a polyp that was wreaking havoc on my cycle (and my life) and a quick D & C took care of it. My doctor told me that if my periods are ever that frequent again (every 18 days), to definitely give a call.

The Dare to Wear White website is bringing women together to talk about this condition, and it is spreading the word about a new procedure by Novasure, endometrial abalation. This is a quick and minimally invasive procedure, and it works by using energy to remove the lining of the uterus. If you suffer from menorrhagia and you are done having children, it may be something for you to consider. There is a great “story” section to this website–a place for women to share what living with this condition is like, and the different treatment options they’ve used.

Want to get a little reward for your years of suffering through incredibly heavy periods? Take a few minutes and visit Mom Central’s survey. If you are one of the first 250 women (suffering from heavy periods) to fill out the survey, you will get a $10 Amazon gift certificate for your time!

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