Deja Vu

So last spring I wrote about “springing ahead.” Pretty much, it was today’s topic of conversation at work. Several kiddos came dragging in, follow by frazzled parents who were a little disoriented as well. So dark, so tired in the morning, but so great to be able to have time to play outside after school in the evening…..

January 20, 2009

It seems only natural to post about the happenings in Washington, D.C. today. Thing is, I haven’t seen much of it yet. There was an inservice day today, and while I had the CNN/Facebook thing up on my screen, I wasn’t near my computer much. Because the fact of the matter is that while history was in the making, I was attending meetings and getting my classroom ready for Chinese New Year.

So, I can’t comment on all the hoopla yet. Was it worth the estimated $170 million? The historic significance of this day is not lost on me–it is a moment to remember. Last night, a contemporary of Dr. Martin Luther King was interviewed, and he stated that President Obama was born during the Civil Rights movement. 47 years later, an African American is elected President of the United States. That is huge and important, and gives me hope for America. I don’t agree with President Obama’s take on a lot of issues. I can only hope that this momentum of hope continues to keep people engaged and involved, and that all voices may be heard.

I do believe that Barack Obama is the first non-animated celebrity that MAM has become aware of–earlier this fall, she noted his ability to keep his pants dry. Last week, she saw his picture and exclaimed, “That’s Barack Obama! He’s the president of speeches!” I didn’t know that she knew the word speeches…..


I’m watching the Today show, and Suze Orman is on, and she actually says, “You should have some cash on hand, in case you go to the ATM and it’s out of money.” In reference to the whole financial meltdown thing. Now she went on to say that a stash of cash is helpful in any emergency, such as a hurricane evacuation, etc, but she was referring to the current financial crisis. You know, for when credit cards don’t work and there’s a run on the banks, etc. 

I was thinking it was rather apocalyptical, but as the day unfolded, I’m thinking, it could happen. It could happen if the market isn’t artificially corrected via the government, absolutely. A sister of a friend got a corporate email today offering early retirement to those who qualified, 30 minutes after the market closed. 
Here’s the thing though–I think the bailout (it pissed me off when Pelosi called it a buy-in–buy in to what?? Toxic loans? Sign me up!) just delays the inevitable.  A country a trillion dollars in debt takes on billions more in bad loans. To think that that won’t have implications and ramifications is naive. I don’t know how it would shake down, exactly, but I don’t see how taking on a bunch of bad assets can be without consequences. And, by taking on the bad assets so that granting  credit can resume, well, gee, don’t you think enough credit has already been extended? 
I really hope that my grandmother doesn’t actually have to experience two Great Depressions. (what would they call this one? the Greatest Depression? Depression 20.08?)