Perfect Moment Monday: Instant Friends

Life has been good and life has been busy lately. We’ve had all kinds of fall fun, and have Fall-Breaked our hearts out. This week’s perfect moment, though, didn’t involve anything seasonal or sensational, it was a simple impromptu play date.

When my friend Liz put the call out that her church was having a sale on Friday afternoon, I brought the kids over to peruse their wares. Liz was cashiering, and her children were off in a room playing quietly. After trying on a few pairs of shoes, my kids wandered off down the hall, found people their size, and started playing.

After a few minutes, I told the kids it was time to leave, and they protested. They were having fun with their new friends and didn’t want to leave. I really didn’t have anywhere to go, so I pulled up a chair and continued to visit, while Liz’s kids (who match my kids in gender and age) and my kids played like they were long lost friends. After playing for over an hour, we had to go home, under their protests.

Watching the children, meet up so easily and become fast friends was my perfect moment this week. Too often we move from one event to the next, going through the motions. Taking the time to slow down and hang out was exactly what we needed to do.

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Seven and Sensational

There’s a seven year old in the house.

She slept late enough that when she woke up, she was already 7!

She reads.

She tells jokes.

She swims to the bottom of the pool.

This is her new friend, Phoebe.

She’s obsessed with finding games in the App Store (Hotel Story! Pet Story! Cooking Dash! Bakery Story! Donut Maker! Pancake Maker! Pretzel Maker!)

This week, she wants to be a beach volleyball player.

Today’s task: Learning to body board. Like you do when you’re seven.

The older she gets, the more she amazes me.  Second grade is going to bring so much fun for her- I can hardly wait for her to get started.

She decorated her own cake, Princess style.

Happy, Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

Summer Haze

I’m not quite sure how it’s suddenly the middle of July, but it is. After road tripping most of June, we’ve spent most of July by the pool. 

I’ve come up with an equation- for every hour of swimming, bed time moves a half hour earlier. It’s kind of amazing. We swam for FOUR hours yesterday, and the boy fell asleep, on the living room floor, at 6pm.

When we’ve been out of the water, we’ve been at the library, reading books and earning points through the Gear Up for Good Summer Reading Program. Turns out, I’m a little obsessive when it comes to earning the “good” prizes, which I categorize as “free pass” or “BOGO pass” to attractions around town. The kids, on the other hand, are obsessive about their “good prizes”, which so far includes Laser Fingers and Blob Goo.

Enter my big discovery of 2012: Non-Fiction Books are Worth FIFTEEN POINTS. That means every non-fiction easy reader is worth three times the points of a book classified as a picture book. WIth this discovery, we’ll be rolling in all the “good” prizes in no time. Which is good, because there’s only two weeks left to earn points.

For real. Where has the summer gone??

Also..if you are itching to take a dip, check out Fort Harrison’s YMCA BRAND NEW Outdoor Pool. There’s a grand opening this Saturday, July 14th, and admission is free and open to the public. Read all about it!