Seven and Sensational

There’s a seven year old in the house.

She slept late enough that when she woke up, she was already 7!

She reads.

She tells jokes.

She swims to the bottom of the pool.

This is her new friend, Phoebe.

She’s obsessed with finding games in the App Store (Hotel Story! Pet Story! Cooking Dash! Bakery Story! Donut Maker! Pancake Maker! Pretzel Maker!)

This week, she wants to be a beach volleyball player.

Today’s task: Learning to body board. Like you do when you’re seven.

The older she gets, the more she amazes me.  Second grade is going to bring so much fun for her- I can hardly wait for her to get started.

She decorated her own cake, Princess style.

Happy, Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

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