I interrupt my political rantings…

to say, we’re going. We’re going to an allergist that is. Because we are back on the ear infection train and can’t get off. When your three year old wakes up and says, “Mama, I have an ear infection” and the doc confirms it (and says, “there’s so much fluid in her ear I can’t see the tube”), it’s time. 

I made the appt today and we’re going Oct. 14th. Is it wrong to be excited about this? 
You may be wondering, “Um, don’t you have an allergist?” The short answer is no. We got her tested through our ENT’s office, who is used to the run of the mill seasonal allergiers treated with shots and meds. He was of the mindset she’d grow out of these bad boys soon, so had us meet with a dietician, but not an allergist. 
For a good long while, she did well. But now? Not so much. So we’re going to the pediatric allergist at the children’s hospital round these parts. I am praying that he has the answer for her. 
P.S. On the political rantings side, I’ve watched more C-Span on YouTube these past two days than I have my entire life. I’m obsessed, enthralled and thrilled that people are speaking out–and Congress is listening (or appearing to, for you know, fear of losing their seats).

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  1. Good luck! Hopefully you’ll get the info you need to get her healthy and safe again.

    You may want to ask which type of allergy testing they do. Kiddo has been through three kinds so far: blood test, prick test, and skin test. There are pros and cons to each, and (at least for us) different ways to prepare kiddo for each.

    Up next for us is a new kind of test, a patch test. He’ll have to keep a large patch on his back for about a week … not quite sure how it works, but it IS the next thing we’re supposed to try.

  2. I hate the allergist but when he fixes my allergies he is my best friend. I have to go visit him soon.

    Here from ICLW.

  3. There’s a lot to be said for going the scientific route…and taking the heat off of you. “Dr. Stinkyface says you can’t have…” G’luck.

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