Thursday Thirteen #9: Why I’m compelled to watch TV on Thursday Nights

Last week, the Celebrity Apprentice finished up. What? There was a Celebrity Apprentice? You hadn’t heard? Shocking!

Actually, I’m pretty sure that the only reason I know about it is because I feel like I’ve been basically programmed to check out television on Thursday nights, sweeps or no sweeps, writer strike or no writer strike, and as the network plans, I get sucked in. Especially on Thursdays. Why Thursdays? It’s because since 1983, I’ve been tuning in to NBC for some sort of television show or another. 1983 people. TWENTY-FIVE years they’ve delivered something decent on television just about every Thursday night. Here’s a list of some of my favorite Thursday night TV shows. And lest you think my parents were horrible letting me stay up til 10pm to watch such classics as Night Court, remember, I grew up on Central Time. The fun started at 7pm and was over at 9pm.

1. The Cosby Show (1984-1992)–I cannot believe that show was on until I was in COLLEGE.
2. Gimme a Break (1981-1984)
3. Cheers (1982-1993)
4. Family Ties (1983-1987)–Alex P. Keaton, Mallory, Jennifer…need I say more?
5. Night Court (1984-1988)–my brother and I thought this show was HILARIOUS
6. A Different World (1987-1993)–who didn’t think college was really like that? who didn’t love Dwayne Wayne???
7. Seinfeld (1992-1998)–Legendary. That’s all I have to say about that.
8. Mad about You (1993-1995)–again, this must have been on other nights.
9. Friends (1994-2004)
10. Will & Grace (2000-2005)–Just Jack!
11.My Name is Earl (2005-present)
12. The Office (2005-present)
13. Scrubs (2002-present)–but has also seen it’s share of different nights

That’s a lot of sitcoms, most of which (in my pop culture opinion) have stood the test of time: Syndication. Click here for all you ever wanted to know about Thursday nights on NBC. What were some of your favorites?

Happy Thursday Thirteen!

Thursday Thirteen #5

If I Had A Million Dollars

(start humming that Bare Naked Ladies song about now)

1) Pay off this house and make it a rental property
2) Buy a new house
3)Fund our IRA’s
4) Adopt another baby (or 2)
5)Buy furniture for our house
6)We’d probably start our own business–I don’t know what it would be, exactly, but this kind of windfall would surely fund something
7)Buy at least one new-to-us car (a Pacific?a Freestyle?)
8)Go on a cruise
9) Replace our TV from 1994.
10) Fund a college fund for MAM, and any subsequent children
11) Make a nice donation to our favorite charities (ACS, the agency we used for MAM)
12)Have Lasik surgery!
13) Would there really be any more money left over after taxes?!?!

What would you spend your million dollars on??

Thursday Thirteen #4

Up this week: Thirteen Things Stacked on my Coffee Table (lest you think I just have a stack of crap in my living room, my coffee table actually has cubbies, so it’s not all on the top of the table)

1. my big accordian coupon file
2. MAM’s baby book
3. our scrapbook of travels before MAM came along
4. my “home life” organization binder
5. a three hole punch
6. a container of q-tips (they haven’t found their way to the bathroom yet, I guess)
7. Dora’s Puzzle Adventure book
8. stacks of Parents and Family Fun magazines
9. a binder of food allergy information
10. books I’ve reviewed for Mother Talk
11. our church directory
12. this week’s sales ads for the grocery
13. one purple slipper that fits MAM

Makes you want to come on over and make yourself at home, no? See what others are up to at Thursday Thirteen!
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