Thursday Thirteen #5

If I Had A Million Dollars

(start humming that Bare Naked Ladies song about now)

1) Pay off this house and make it a rental property
2) Buy a new house
3)Fund our IRA’s
4) Adopt another baby (or 2)
5)Buy furniture for our house
6)We’d probably start our own business–I don’t know what it would be, exactly, but this kind of windfall would surely fund something
7)Buy at least one new-to-us car (a Pacific?a Freestyle?)
8)Go on a cruise
9) Replace our TV from 1994.
10) Fund a college fund for MAM, and any subsequent children
11) Make a nice donation to our favorite charities (ACS, the agency we used for MAM)
12)Have Lasik surgery!
13) Would there really be any more money left over after taxes?!?!

What would you spend your million dollars on??

12 Replies to “Thursday Thirteen #5”

  1. I’m not sure a million dollars after taxes would cover that whole list. But it’s fun to dream isn’t it?

    Check out my very first TT!

  2. I love that BNL song-maybe you should add Dijon Ketchup to the list. 😉

    My list is very much the same as yours. First thing would be pay off our ridiculous student loan debt, the n buy a house. Then fund the college tuition for our boys. After that, a trip to Hawaii!! 🙂
    I enjoyed your TT. Have a good one!

  3. That is so great , I wish that I had even half that much. I need a new car so bad. My taurus is just about ready for the junk yard!

  4. Travel, travel, travel. I’d take a planeload of pals to the French Riviera for a week, for starters.

    I think I’d have great fun giving most of it away.

    And at some point, I’d like to have a car that has the “check engine” light OFF.

  5. oh, I hate to begin to think how I’d spend mine, but your post brought 2 funny memories to my mind!

    1) My baby sister played this for all us sisters at her wedding reception and we all sang (I think I was the only sober one- I was mama to 9 mo old at the time) it at the top of our lungs to each other

    2)One of my college teammates once spent THE ENTIRE DRIVE down to KY for a show spending his million DOWN TO THE FINAL PENNY…..

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