Mother’s Day Gifts: Think Outside the Gift Bag

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and all moms love anything with heart behind it. Show the moms in your life you love them and you KNOW them by thinking outside the gift bag this week.

Mother's Day 2014- Think Outside the

A Night Out

Mom’s Night Out opens in theaters across the country this weekend, just in time for Mothers Day. I saw a preview of this film a few months ago, and it is a hilarious look at parenting & the modern world. It stars everyone’s favorite mom, Patricia Heaton, as well as Trace Adkins, the delightful Sarah Drew and Sean Astin. Make it a girls night or a date night and escape for a few hours. Add reservations to a local restaurant to make the time away extra-special – just be sure to confirm before you leave home!!

Help in the Kitchen (and a Promo Code) 

I spend several hours a week meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and then cleaning the kitchen. Give a mom the gift that keeps on giving- a  one-time gift certificate or a subscription to Green Bean delivery. Every week I save time by logging on and choosing my produce, which is then delivered to my door. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Green BEAN Delivery is an online home delivery service that provides organic produce and natural groceries (grown and produced locally whenever possible) to local members. Membership is easy, flexible and risk-free. Customize your orders online to get exactly what you want. It’s an affordable, convenient and fun way for the whole family to eat healthy.

To purchase the gift certificate, members should be directed to Non-members can email or call customer service or (317) 377-0470.

Are you ready to give Green Bean a try for your mom, yourself or someone else? Here’s a promo cod for $15 off your first order:15GBml. This code is good through May 13, 2014, and is good for new subscribers or reactivated members only. Enjoy!  

Better yet, make. Commitment to plan & prepare a meal- lightening Mom’s load can’t be under estimated (see Mom’s Night Out to see what happens when Mom gets to the edge- it’s not pretty). Personally, I don’t mind the planning or the cooking, it’s the clean up I dread. Figure out which part mom likes the least, and take it over. That’s a gift she won’t soon forget.

Give the gift of Time Spent Together

All moms love spending time with the ones they love most. Head out to an area attraction together & let mom call the shots. Enjoy a a special day at Conner Prairie together. On Mother’s Day, the annual plant sale will feature plants from the Conner Prairie gardens. Talk about the gift that will keep on giving.

Other local attractions that might appeal to you (or a mom in your life) include the 100 Acres Art Park on the grounds of the IMA and the Museum of Miniature House in Carmel. Remember, it’s her day, so she decides and someone else makes it happen.

Picnics at Holliday Park, Broad Ripple Park, or Garfield Park are all fun ways to spend time outside and together.

Gifts from the heart don’t need to be expensive to be meaningful. What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve given lately?


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