First 5k After 40 Training: Week 2

I am continuing to move in ways I haven’t in awhile. In preparation for my first post-40 5k, I’m checking in once a week and sharing my progress. I’m proud to say that Spring Break 2014 was full of fun, and full of exercise. We trekked through Conner Prairie, I got in three workouts at the gym, and then Saturday happened. Oh Saturday.

Leilan and I have become dedicated FitBit users. It’s basically a geeky pedometer that works with a smartphone app by syncing throughout the day. We’ve been using our devices since early March, and it’s been a great motivator to move more and sit less. Saturday though, we took this idea to a new level.

Saturday we had a friendly competition- we asked the kids, “Who will take more steps? Mommy or Daddy?”

Friends chimed in with their thoughts, and I had a good number of people on my side. Meg was rooting for me too. We started out just a few steps apart when we got into the car to go to the Children’s Museum.

“Do you want me to drop you off at the door?” he asked coyly.

“No, we can walk with you,” I answered.

In the museum we eventually got split up, and I was put on Andrew duty, which means we watched a lot of trains. After reconnecting, I discovered that he was ahead by quite a bit- while I was watching trains, he and Meg were all over the place! I left him in ScienceWorks on the fourth floor with the kids and “went for a walk”.

In case you were wondering, it’s about 700 steps to walk the ramps of the museum from the fourth floor to the basement and then back up again. I did it twice and evened the score. When we left the museum, we were once again within a couple hundred steps of each other.

Children's Museum Tweet

Here’s where it gets confusing. After we stopped for a bite to eat, we split up. Leilan was headed to the store to buy some clothes. I took the kids to Holland Park, where they played and I walked the path near the playground. I went over 10,000 steps there, and thought I had gained the lead.

As we were getting ready to head home, I got the following tweet. It looked like 10000 was not going to be the end of it.

date night tweet

That night on our date, we walked through Ritchey Woods- it was quite and peaceful and a nice way to reconnect with each other. We then drove to dinner, and parked at the end of the parking lot. When we were done, we walked over to the mall, walked around the mall and then walked back to the car.

When we finally picked up the kids, we compared notes.

SOMEHOW HE BEAT ME. I do not know what he did while clothes shopping, but clearly he walked around the store a few times. I also got distracted at the mall by shiny things, and I’m fairly certain he got a few more steps in while I looked at baubles. But seriously, how did he get so far ahead???


Even though I didn’t win, it was the most active Saturday we’ve had in awhile, and I booked 8 miles in my training log.

Final FitBit Challenge

With three weeks to go until the Finish Line 500 Festival 5k, I’m feeling like finishing this event is going to be a heck of a lot easier than our Saturday competition.

“Disclosure: McDonald’s of Central Indiana has provided benefits, including free Finish Line 500 Festival 5K registration, an Arch Card, a t-shirt and giveaway products in exchange for my participation in this campaign.

15 Replies to “First 5k After 40 Training: Week 2”

  1. Have you guys done a comparison – walked the same distance & compared how many steps his fitbit says he took vs how many steps your fitbit says you took? You could also take it a step further & switch fitbits & walk the same distance & see if you get the same results.

    Regardless, congrats on making this a priority & for making it fun! 🙂 I’m also loving my fitbit, but I have a loooooong ways to go to get my steps up each day!

  2. I have to admit something embarrassing. I have lost not one but TWO FitBits. I love them!! But I had the one that I hooked onto the front of my bra and apparently my boobs are too big and they pushed the FitBits right up and out! (at least that is my husband’s theory) I lost the first one in Mexico last summer and then a second one at the Palladium. I’m considering trying one that does NOT hook there because I was so motivated by the step counts!

    I was never able to get my husband interested in running until technology got involved. Once we started using apps to track our distance, we never stopped working out again. Whatever it takes, right??

  3. I loved watching the competition on Saturday, but boy did you guys wear me out just watching!

    I’d like to get the FitBit Flex. How do you like the ones you guys have? Where do you wear them? My husband had the same problem as the previous commenter (well, not his boobs, but his tummy pushing the FitBit out).

  4. I want a FitBit so bad! Especially so I can wear it on the nights I unload the semi for The Container Store. I have to take a bajillion steps that night alone. After my knee surgery I swore I would never run again, but now Elena’s participating in Girls on the Run and will be running her first 5k in May. She asked me to be her running buddy … how can I say no?! Wishing you all the best in your training!

    1. You should totally get one and see what you do on a truck night!! What’s funny is that some days I feel like I’ve done a lot, when it reality, I haven’t hit my goals. I think it’s fairly accurate, although I should really pay attention the next I walk and see how it matches up.

    1. I think they are pretty accurate- I should for sure compare it to actual mileage on a measured course or the treadmill soon. It is a great source of motivation!

  5. I’m a Flex girl. I felt like my Zip could be a little unreliable from time to time. Also, be careful you don’t wash yours. That’s how I ended up getting a Flex for Christmas. You could double check with another app – my Cardio Trainer (android) or Map My Run which also counts steps to see which is most accurate. My Flex doesn’t always agree with my treadmill on mileage but it is close. If you want to cheat, leave your Zip on and ride on a riding mower. 😉 Found that out one day and it made me laugh so hard. Also, I am now reminded that I should run today.

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