It’s Been a Decade (full of cake, laughs, and love)

You know you’ve been blogging a long time when you peek back to your past posts about your wedding anniversary and um, there are FIVE of them (all of which I linked up nicely last year).

Tomorrow is our TENTH wedding anniversary. How is that even possible?

This past weekend my parents surprised us with an anniversary ice cream cake that we all enjoyed. My family has a thing about taking pictures in front of cakes (does everyone do this? or is it just us?), and Sunday was no exception.

Our cake ten years ago
Our cake, ten years later!











It probably sounds corny, but life keeps getting sweeter. I can’t imagine taking on the world without the guy I’ve been eating cake with for the past ten years.

Happy Anniversary, BgK– I Love You!

8 Replies to “It’s Been a Decade (full of cake, laughs, and love)”

  1. HAPPY Anniversary!!!! YAY for you- 10 years. And this time of year when you’re blogging on anniversaries just makes me realize you’ll very soon be blogging about one special little girl’s SIXTH birthday!!! Time flies all to quickly, my friend!

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