40 Bags in 40 Days: Bags 15 -22

Something interesting happened on Day 15 — I was thrown off course!  I was thrown off course by a seven course chef’s table presentation at Season’s 52 — my friend Amy wrote all about it here. Summation: it was fantastic and I was in a serious food coma until NOON the next day. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

So days 15, 16, & 17 were a bust. I couldn’t gather the motivation to do much on the 40 bags front, which is silly because I am getting so much support on Facebook as I document this journey.

On day 18, I started gathering bags again. I started in on the front closet, and with no problem whatsoever, I was able to catch up on the four bags I needed to do.

Bags #15, 16, 17, & 18: 2 bags of kids stuff to pass on, a bag to donate and a bag of trash

After the closet was done, I was hoping my focus would return, but I found myself struggling Monday. I now know why — I’ve reached the point in the program where I’m no longer just culling to top layer of stuff. I’m no longer going through the kids’ stuff, or the kitchen stuff; I’ve reached the point where it’s time to go through my things. Gulp.

Bags #19 &20: A small bag of things from my dresser/closet to donate, and a small bag of trash.

Not only do I need to hone into my wardrobe, I also need to attack the out of control pile of papers, mail, and what not that’s taken over my file box in the living room. I started in on this yesterday, and came up with Bag #21 —  a bag of trash. Today I continued in that little corner (little corner, so much crap!) and Bag #22 — is more trash.

Next up: I’m really hoping it warms up, because I think I can spend the next 18 days in the garage.

And now since no one wants to see pictures  of  my bags of garbage, here’s some food porn from Seasons 52.

3 Replies to “40 Bags in 40 Days: Bags 15 -22”

  1. Oh it’s ALWAYS hardest when it’s your own stuff! I have a TERRIBLE time going through my stuff! Ad you can tell by the state of my office. . . But I really do feel so much better once it’s done – it’s interesting to me that I’m starting to feel as happy about things going OUT of my house as I used to feel from things coming INTO my house… Cleaner and lighter, somehow. I have a long way to go to be either clean or light, but still. . . bit by bit. Bag by bag, right? ; )

  2. Don’t give yourself a hard time – You’re doing a fantastic job! In fact, you’ve inspired me! I’ve started going through things in my house. But i”m bad – not quite ready to headline my own episode of Hoarders, but let’s just say I wouldn’t want any of their scouts in my neighborhood, just in case….

    I had to make my friend come over and go through some things with me. She left with a HUGE garbage bag of donations to charity, one smaller trash bag, and instructions to continue on. I’ve asked her to hold me accountable and am trying to do at least one small bit each day to de-clutter and better organize and simplify my house. This is a tall order for me!

    I came into my office yesterday and she’d left me a Family Circle magazine on my desk – bookmarked at a page about de-cluttering! Hee hee.

    Thanks for inspiring others, Mich – And for keeping on with your own endeavor!

    1. Aw, thanks, Stork! BTW , one of my bags is clothes from you, so you can count on that being returned at some point! I’ve often thought people are encouraging me so that they don’t have to call Hoarders on me!!

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