Drive Thru Weekends

Fall is what I like to call our “Travel Season”. With a billion birthdays, a few holidays and Fall Break from school, we find ourselves driving all over the place on fall weekends.  And while I try to plan snacks for the car rides, inevitably, we make a lot of fast food stops this time of year too. It’s not always meal time, but when you pass the only small town for 60 miles, you stop at 2pm if that’s what time you’re passing through.

Enter Wendy’s new Pick Two for $4.99 campaign. I wrote about their all-new salads last month. Now they’ve made a smaller portion (still loaded with good things) and added an option where you can add a menu item (Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, rich and meaty chili, oven-cooked Baked Potato, grilled or spicy homestyle chicken Go Wrap, Dasani bottled water, small Frosty or other small beverage). So I can appeal to my healthy side (salad!  for this post, I chose Apple Pecan Chicken — SO GOOD) and my decadent side (Frosty!) in one simple order. I like simple.

Of course, you could go totally “good” and get either chili or a baked potato and have yourself a fine lunch with good variety.

But in the effort of full-disclosure, I’ll admit it: I always choose the Frosty.

(Disclosure: I was a sent a Wendy’s gift card to try these new salad/menu combinations. No one told me to get the Frosty, I decided to do that all on my own.)

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