Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today’s my mom’s birthday. It’s also her best friend’s birthday. And my brother-in-law’s birthday. And my nephew’s birthday. And my friend’s mother-in-law’s birthday. Two friends celebrate Friday. Three friends celebrate next Tuesday. I celebrated my own birthday earlier this month, the day after another brother-in-law, and two days before two adoptive mama friends became mamas to babies born on September 11th .

Over cake and ice cream Sunday (for my mom and myself) we determined the only months our immediate family doesn’t celebrate birthdays are May, July and December. Other than that, we have birthday cake nine months out of the year!

On my in-laws side things are a bit more lopsided. Granted, there are a lot more people (BgK is the oldest of seven), but still, here’s the break down is this – ten of twenty one birthdays are celebrated in September-October-November. TEN.

It’s not your imagination or just my Facebook calendar that says September and October are birthday months–it’s an actual statistical fact. The most common American birthday? October 5th! (I have one friend celebrating that day, then 8 more with other October birthdays, just on Facebook)

1-800 Flowers has some fun things planned this fall in honor of all these birthdays. See what they’ve got going on over on Facebook www.facebook.com/1800flowers you could win flowers for a year — or follow them on Twitter www.twitter.com/1800flowers .

Is there a day or a month that is full of birthdays for you? Is it a fall month, by chance? Inquiring minds want to know!

And for those birthday flowers you need to send (the above images are just a small sample of what’s available):

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(Disclosure: this is the first of two posts in a series for 1-800 Flowers.com promoting their Deliver Birthday Smiles Campaign. I am receiving a free product for participating in this promotion)

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4 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

  1. Happy birthday to your mom too! Hope she’s having a great day! Love flowers – the flower cupcake is TOO CUTE! I told Dan once that if we had lots of money, I would buy flowers every week (or I suppose with enough money you could have them delivered by 1-800-FLOWERS every week!) and he just blinked his eyes at me. Why do guys not get flowers? And btw, on the Finney side, we have birthdays Every. Month. In. The. Year. On the Roberts side, we have four in November – my dad, my grandma Roberts, and both sisters (born five years and three days apart). Not much to do in Jan/Feb….

  2. I want that cupcake!!! How cute…

    AP’s bday is Oct 5th – I did not know it was the most common! Something to add to his scrapbook…

    Feb and July are the hot ones in my fam.

    Hmmm – Count back Sep-Nov 40 weeks and you find…. Cold, wintry months. What else is there to do?????

  3. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I loved every minute of our party on Sunday. Celebrating with the ones you love is as good as it gets.And when the party includes little ones helping you open your presents, blowing out the candles and enjoying every bite of cake and ice cream, you know you have had a truly special birthday.

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