Spinning Upon Re-Entry

I’ve been home for two days now, but my head is still spinning from this past weekend. There is SO MUCH that I want to do, I’m not sure where to start.

To complicate matters, I’m no longer living in a quiet, serene, adult like hotel room. I’m facing a mountain of laundry, an empty fridge and annoying little fruit flies who invaded while we were gone.

I’m accepting the reality of our decline in income, and need to map out a plan to make ends meet/adjust auto debits to come out of the proper account/navigate the fun world of filing for unemployment.

I’m getting MaM ready for school, the kink there being that for the past few days, she’s decided to wear shorts. For those of you who know her in real life, this will present quite the predictament. ¬†For the past year, she’s only worn dresses, the bigger the better. Now she wants to wear shorts. She only owns about three pairs because she just doesn’t wear them. Til now, apparently.

I boxed up my personal items from my classroom today. That was awkward at best. But it’s over and done, my keys are turned in and now I can start to discern what it is I’d like to do next.

Mostly I’d like to play on the internets. After the laundry, the dishes, and the child-wrangling.

To sum up: Please stay tuned for the chapter here. As soon as I know what it is, I’ll be sure to share.

2 Replies to “Spinning Upon Re-Entry”

  1. Must’ve been strange to return to the classroom only so briefly as to pack up and leave again… Sorry about that.

    Shorts? What? No more party dresses on a Monday just to wear the party dress???

  2. Stork, it’s serious–we had to go buy a few pairs of shorts and shirts today because she owns so few! She is, thankfully, in a dress today (as much as I kid about it, I found out that i LOVE this phase)– we’ll see what Monday brings. Also? We bought tie shoes!!

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