Good Night, Sweet Summer

Tonight we took the kids out for frozen yogurt, at a a newer place in town called Huddles. It’s self-serve yogurt sundaes, sold by the ounce–Heaven. To add to the excitement, it’s a Colt’s themed store, and preseason football was on, so jr was in his glory.

On the way home, we asked MaM what her favorite parts of the summer were (kindergarten starts tomorrow!)….I was wondering what she was going to say–

would it be the Fairy Oaks Dairy? our trip to the beach? the crazy Saturday at the Children’s Museum? all of our time spent at the pool? all of our time spent at the library? her own 5th birthday? our adventures at Conner Prairie? the fun time she had at Camp Grandma?

….without missing a beat, MaM answered, “The Ice Cream we just ate!”

Are your kiddos in school yet? (here kids start as early as August 10th & as late as August 23rd)Did they have a favorite summer moment? Please share!

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    1. Huddles is at 86th & the Monon in Nora. It is YUMMY–about 8 flavors a day, self-serve (pay-by-the-ounce) with a huge sundae bar for toppings. I’m a huge fan! (and getting more huge because I keep going there!)

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