Two Things You’ll Want to Check Out if You’re Going to BlogHer ’10

Honestly, I haven’t thought too much about BlogHer. At first, it was because I knew that it signaled the end of summer. Two days after returning from NYC, is “Back to School Night” at MaM’s little school.

Noiw I haven’t thought about it too much because there is so much more to think about.

Except that BlogHer is going to be an even more important experience for me now that I am unemployed (ok. that word is hard to type)

Grown in My Heart, as a collective, have been planning for BlogHer. Her are two links you’ll want to check out–the giveaway is open to anyone going to BlogHer, and I can’t wait to put names to faces at the luncheon!

If you are going or if you aren’t…..if you had 48 hrs in NYC, what would you do???

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