Back Home Again: a BlogHer recap

I  suppose officially BlogHer ended Saturday night. I’m just getting around to talking about it today–it’s been a long couple of days on re-entry.

The highlights and most important things I realized are summed up nicely on Grown In My Heart. Meeting those women in person, sharing meals, brainstorming and getting reprimanded by hotel security–well, it bonds people.  That was absolutely the best part of the weekend.

Networking with others was also a great part of the weekend–meeting other bloggers and companies that “get” the online community, was fantastic. Seeing my friends from Hallmark, and celebrating Christmas in August was magical.

The two actual workshop session which were most helpful were the two relating to resume writing/online profiles and offline networking for online people.

The expo halls were overwhelming, but a lot of fun. After sorting through all of my swag, I have come up with a list of just a few things I want to talk about in the future.

I also came home with so many reusable shopping bags that I really have no excuses–I can never use another plastic shopping bag again.

And as a little present for anyone who stops by this week, here is a coupon code for you from ( a new, drugstore/household product site, related to

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Two Things You’ll Want to Check Out if You’re Going to BlogHer ’10

Honestly, I haven’t thought too much about BlogHer. At first, it was because I knew that it signaled the end of summer. Two days after returning from NYC, is “Back to School Night” at MaM’s little school.

Noiw I haven’t thought about it too much because there is so much more to think about.

Except that BlogHer is going to be an even more important experience for me now that I am unemployed (ok. that word is hard to type)

Grown in My Heart, as a collective, have been planning for BlogHer. Her are two links you’ll want to check out–the giveaway is open to anyone going to BlogHer, and I can’t wait to put names to faces at the luncheon!

If you are going or if you aren’t…..if you had 48 hrs in NYC, what would you do???