Weekend Wrap Up

It’s hard to believe this weekend was only 2 days long. I suppose it’s because it really was a 2.5 day weekend, what with our senior citizen date on Friday (which was great, btw…if you like the SATC2 characters, go see it, it’s big fun) and all. After our date, we picked up the kids and attempted to family swim at the gym. Unfortunately, there was a sunscreen incident, and MaM spent the entire time rinsing her eyes out and wailing. After about 30 minutes, we called it quits.

Saturday involved footballs, motorcycles, and WNBA basketball.

Open House at Lucas Oil Stadium
Indy West Harley Davidson Open House
BgK won tix at 4pm for the 7pm tip-off. When he told MaM they were going, she said, "Yeah! I get cotton candy!"

Sunday was slightly calmer….Church, the pet store, playground play & cookout with friends, then MaM’s first night of Vacation Bible School.

What she gleaned from tonight?


She’s exactly right.

How was your weekend?

Day 6 of NaBloPoMo? In the bag…

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