Works for Me Wednesday: Mom I’m Bored

I have to say, my kids don’t say this phrase (yet–they’re almost 2 & almost 5)). They are extremely good at keeping themselves occupied…….lining up matchbox cars, coloring, sorting silly bandz, and so forth.

I love being home all summer long–I love that we don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time. But I know our summer routine well enough to know that we do need a little routine…a reason to get dressed before noon at least a few days per week, a way to be sure we don’t just hole up in our air-conditioned house and become hermits.

Sooooo my friends and I are doing a little planning.

We’ve shared a Google Calendar, named it “Summer Fun 2010” , and plugged in activities that we see which catch our interest. We’re attempting a few theme weeks–Toy Week in honor of Toy Story 3’s release will include a matinee of the movie & a visit to a toy museum. Transportation Week will happen the week the park dept puts on “Touch a Truck”. We may also go on a train ride that week and see the local race track.

I’ve plugged in the free movies around town (check Regal’s Free Family Film Festival), happenings at local libraries, and events advertised by the parks dept.

We’re also planning on using our memberships tochildren’s museum and historical farm, and of course, it wouldn’t be summer without swimming.

I also try to make it a point to visit playgrounds and library branches that aren’t in our usual traffic pattern.

Are you tired yet? It’s a lot…..but it is SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

What are your ideas for summer fun?? Do your kids get bored easily or are they fairly content? At what age does the phrase, “I’m bored” enter a child’s vocabulary????

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Day 2 of NaBloPoMo–DONE!

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