NaBloPoMo….the time is NOW

So a million years ago, there was a National Blog Posting month, I believe it was November, with the challenge being the blog every day for the month of November. I tried it once, it didn’t last very long.

At some point, a website was born, and I got on the email list….and the challenge goes out every month to try and post every day all.month.long. A theme is suggested, for those who need it. This month they’ve added daily writing prompts.

I got the email for June, and the theme is NOW. And I couldn’t resist.

So here I am on June first.

I am now ready for summer. Ready not to leave the house every day by 7:45a. Ready not to pack lunchboxes. Ready not to be a beast about bedtime because wakeup time is non-negeotiable.

I have some housekeeping/classroom keeping to attend to this week. But Summer 2010? The time is NOW.

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  1. Oh I want in….I need to figure out how to sign up for this site! Good luck! I already failed at project 365 ~ maybe if I am doing it a day at a time for a month and then a month at a time I will get somewhere!

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