Sick Day Survival

The following doesn’t substitute for medical advice….I’m not a doctor. I’m the daughter of a nurse, but I don’t actually have any medical training.

So here we sit on the rainy Monday, as I called in to school (again) because MaM is sick. This is sick day #14, I think, for this school year, and only one or two of those was I actually the one who was ill.

Today MaM has some sort of stomach bug, she ran into our room at 5:20 this morning announcing, “I puked up in my bed, Mama :/” Oh my poor baby girl.

Here are some things that I’ve learned about puke-fests, as we’ve had more than our fair share this year:

1) Make things washable & wipable. For some reason, these viruses tend to come on while they sleep. This is why they both have plastic mattress covers & waterproof pillow covers. I can’t imagine cleaning an actual mattress on top of everything else!

2) Line the puke bucket. From about age 3 on, MaM has been able to hit a bucket when needed. I was complaining to my mom one day about having to clean it out….and then she mentioned that somewhere along the way, she figured out to use a LINER. So be sure to secure a plastic bag inside your small trash can or bucket, it makes everything SO MUCH BETTER.

3) Tiny amounts of fluids go a long way. Dehydration is the biggest worry with these stomach bugs. A small amount of water in a straw cup is a good way to push fluids (small amounts at a time). If water won’t stay down,  an electrolyte solution (pediatric or sports) can work wonders. (sidenote – A Franciscan priest shared that detail with my college natural science class, and it’s been a lifesaver for me on many a “day-after-the-party” ) There are pediatric solution popsicles, but they gross MaM out. “I don’t like salty popsicles,” were her exact words. So here’s what I do-I keep them unfrozen and then just put the contents in a straw cup with a little water. She gets the potassium and sodium she needs, and is none the wiser. Here are more details on dehydration:

4)Kids really do need to be puke-free for 24hrs before returning to school or daycare. So if your kid is still not holding anything down at 11:30am, you may as well make arrangements for the next day. As someone who was hospitalized for dehydration due to a child coming back to school too soon (and hurling next to me), I have the utmost respect for this rule.

Even if it means I’m off to call in for Sick Day #15.

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  1. My first thought was, Gosh – It’s been a while since you’ve had a sick day. At one time, weren’t you using up about 14 PER MONTH??? 14 sounds like a lot for the past 5 months-ish, but at least the school year is in countdown phase, right?

    I hope you are looking forward to a very healthy and fun summer! I am truly sorry you are dealing with this – I hope Jr. doesn’t catch the bug! Or mom. Or dad!

    1. Thanks, Stork! It’s been a rough school year for sick days (I’m on day 15, but the Kahuna has also taken almost as many days!)a. I’m hopefully Jr has built up his immunity and will have a healthier year next year. With this illness and this weekend’s travel, there are exactly 6.5 school days left til summer~~

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