Feeling the Burn

Once upon a time, I went to the gym. I went to the gym in the morning, I went to gym on the weekends. I worked out by myself. I worked out in group fitness classes. I even worked out with a Personal Trainer. I WORKED it.

Then we adopted MaM, and suddenly the $$ we spent on our gym membership was better spent elsewhere.

I tried various things on my own, with limited measures of success. I wasn’t as fit as I once was, but hey, I could still fit into my pants.

Then we adopted Jr. And while he is the world’s sweetest boy, sleeping is not his forte. And I went from being at a reasonable plateau to not reasonable. Too sluggish, way too dependent on coffee, way too dependent on sugar, and way too pudgy for my pants.


Last month we rejoined our beloved gym. And now, once again, I’m back to workin’ it. And the kids? Are LOVING it. Childcare is included in the membership (2hrs a day!), as are family swim times, gym times and climbing wall times (when they are old enough). And since we are paying for it, we’re using it. And I’m hoping that we are making some new healthy habits as a family.

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  1. @StorkWatcher
    Stork, I cannot tell you how much the kids LOVE the childcare and the pool. MaM wants to go every day. If I tell her we’re going after school, we are going after school–she’s a great motivator!

  2. @Thea @ I’m a Drama Mama
    Thea, Thanks!! I’ve currently very motivated and the fact that we are paying for it, I think, makes it more valuable. Plus, I don’t procrastinate once I get there. The childcare center always asks where I’ll be….so far, I haven’t answered, “In the lounge, reading a book…”

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