Ain’t Love the Sweetest Thing

The Scene: Driving  to School

Me: “Oh this is a good song!”

MaM: “Who sings it?”

Me: “U2”

MaM: “Huh? Me too? No, who sings it?”

Me: “U2…see, the letter U, the number 2” (pointing to the radio display)

MaM: “That’s not a name. What’s the name of the boy singing?”

Me: “His name is Bono. The band, all together, is called U2”

MaM: “Oh. This is a good song”

These are the conversations we have on our way to school. Some days, I just want to keep driving with my girl, radio on, teaching her things she won’t learn in school……..

2 Replies to “Ain’t Love the Sweetest Thing”

  1. There’s no pulling the wool over that girl’s eyes! I thought it might be leading up to an Abbot and Costello “who’s on first” routine, but MAM is much smarter than Costello! One of the little moments that are to be treasured.

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