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So I think I’m about 6 months late for a rave review about The Blindside. You know, the movie about adoption. The movie that got Sandra Bullock a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Actress. Ring a bell?

It wasn’t for lack of interest, but movies in the theaters are few and far between in these parts. When my friend mentioned she’d rented The Blindside, I was glad to hear it was on DVD, and even gladder when she let me borrow while she had it out from Blockbuster. So last Sunday BgK and I sat down and watched. And watched. And watched. (it’s a long movie)

And? We LOVED. Of course it’s a neat and tidy, made-for-the-silver-screen story. I’m sure a fly on the wall in the Touhy family saw more drama, tension and issues then you’d ever see in a 2 1/2 hr movie. But it captured some of what happens when an older child joins a family. It touches on some issues when that child is of a different race.  And I think it captured what a mother goes through when a child joins her family through adoption or really, in this case, guardianship. The dance to get to know each other, the small doubts that come and go, and the fierce protectiveness that comes from knowing you are a child’s best advocate, protector and source of love.

My favorite parts all involved Leigh Ann (Bullock’s character). I loved her yelling at the football coach. I loved her walking next to Michael, looking so small and yet such a source of strength and love. I loved her insisting on going to talk to Michael’s biological mother, letting her know that her son was OK, and that he still has a place in his heart for her. I loved her going to look for him when he takes off.

And I loved Michael calling her, toward the end of the movie, “Mama”. I can only imagine how the real Mrs. Touhy felt when the real Michael called her  that.

If you haven’t seen it yet–go rent it already. You’ll be glad you did : )

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  1. Oh I liked this movie so much. Did you get a chance to read the link I had on facebook to the New York Times article, from Michael Lewis’s book? Apparently the whole book is about umm, football, so the Michael story is just a part… but I really want to read the book now too. The dad had a bigger role in the book than he did in the movie, which seemed logical. I loved her looking for her son and reaming the drug dealer, and I loved that she walked away every time there was an emotional moment because, I guess, she didn’t want her family to see her cry. I totally get that. And I loved how she snapped, “Don’t you lie to me!” when asking him if he had a place to sleep that night. Love those tough Southern women. Reminded me of Sally Fields in “Steel Magnolias” and how you did NOT want to get between her and her daughter!

  2. I totally loved this movie too. I had to see it in the theater. I couldn’t wait. I cried, clapped and cheered in the theater. As an adoptive Momma and football Momma, this movie “spoke” to me! Now that it is out on DVD, I could go for watching it again and again!

  3. This is on my top all time faves list! I’ve watched it 4 times so far and want to watch it again soon! I happened to be lucky enough to get an advance copy so didn’t have to wait for the dvd release! I think I will be watching it again this week-end!

  4. I just finished the book last week. haven’t yet seen the movie, but I’d like to. It could be great. I had to skip over an awful lot of technical football crap in the book that I think the movie will leave out. Then I can concentrate on and enjoy the characters.

    I think I’d like to meet Mrs Touhy in person – She seems like a real firecracker!!!

    1. Oh Stork, YOU MUCH WATCH!!! You will LOVE it. I’m glad you read the book–the movie doesn’t do much actual football. I am definitely putting the book on my list!

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