He Sold Us on Purple

In all of its staged glory, posing for house listing photos
In all of its staged glory, posing for house listing photos

I set my timer for three minutes. Here’s what I got down:

Right now, as I scrawl this down on paper, Jr. sits, sippy cup in hand, on our purple couch, watching Elmo’s World.

It’s 8yrs old, and has been along the wall in our home since it was delivered a week after we moved in. The whole set (couch, loveseat, chair) was a house-warming gift from my parents– we picked it out and sent them the bill.

We’d been married a year, had a purchased a car together, and signed on a mortgage together, but this was our joint first furniture purchase. We got it at L.S. Ayres, from a very swarmy salesman. He was hairy, wore many gold rings and had tattoos on all of his fingers.  He sold us on the purple.


That’s what I got down in 3 minutes. Seriously? Three minutes is a very short time to write about something you sit on every.single.day. Something that you’ve fed babies on. Something those babies have peed on, puked on, slept on and now jump on like it’s a trampoline. Something that’s anchored our open-floor plan townhouse for eight years. Something that’s going to be moving with us, whenever that happens…………..

Anyway, for the details as to why I’m writing about my couch, here’s the whole story at Adventures in Babywearing.

Snow White getting ready to Trick or Treat
Snow White on the purple couch,getting ready to Trick or Treat

10 Replies to “He Sold Us on Purple”

  1. @Amy
    Thanks, Amy! I don’t remember anything about the person who sold us our bed (same year) or our kitchen table (2006) or our dishwasher (2007)….but I’m pretty sure I could still pick our couch sales guy out of a line up. And I’m pretty sure that before he sold couches, he was in a line up or two…..

  2. I’m loving reading these “assignments” from Steph’s blog post. It seems that your swarmy salesman with the gold rings was some sort of soothsayer, really, who knew that a princess would need the royalty of purple to sit upon!

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