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So posting these days is sparse. Between the everyday (work-small children-cleaning up after small children-collapsing into to bed to do it again) and the Holy Crap! We’re Listing our House! excitement, there’s little time left to form coherent sentences and type them.


Here are few things which may click your fancy:

Have you seen the shower Stephanie is hosting for Beth? I mean, really, have you ever seen anything like it? Every day there is a new giveaway for a reader, and there is also a prize for Beth. How sweet is that?

The BlogHer Room of Your Own voting is going strong!! If you are going, or if you are not, take some time to peruse these topics. Basically, BlogHer asked the community to put together their own panels, and based on the popular vote, these panels will be part of the BlogHer ’10 conference in NYC. I am registered for BlogHer ’10 (which is crazy, and really, my goal is to post maybe 10x before the conference).

I am also privelaged to be part of two proposals– the Grown in My Heart writers’ proposal, which focuses on how much to share (mainly revolving around adoption, infertility and loss), which is a topic I struggle with daily. Do you want to read about my kid’s poop? Do you want to know more about Jane? How does Jane feel about that? How will Mam feel about being documented like she has?

The second proposal has been put together by my dear friend Just Heather, mastermind behind Inexpensively as well as the 40×40 project. She’s a frugal alphabet-dater who has developed a great idea as well–what do you do when you start blogging about a finite journey–i.e, her 40×40 project, a weight loss mission, a wedding, or say, the road to adopting. You hit your goal/complete your mission–then what??

Now to get either of the panels to fly, we need your vote! All you need to do is register for the BlogHer site (if you don’t have an account already) and then go to the Room of Your Own page. I’ve yet to find it through the site, so here’s the link:

Once you’re there, click on the proposal you’d like to vote for, and at the top of the description is an option for “I would attend this topic” or something like that. Click on it once. Then it switches to “I would not attend this topic”. That’s the signal you’ve voted successfully. There are many great proposals, so go nuts and vote for what sounds good to you!

Ok. Off to clean the blinds, scrub the doors and cross my fingers that this house sells fast!

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  1. I checked out the Nest Feathering over the weekend. They have some great prizes. Maybe, just maybe, I will win one! I also gave my opinion for a topic at Blogher 2010. Now, if only I could go. LOL.
    Good luck with the cleaning.

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