Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda….

So what kind of post should follow up a post that features your husband dressed as Hannah  MAN-tana? Preferably one talking about how he won the contest. He didn’t (thought kudos for trying, really)-so there went that idea.

I could have followed up with a post about Grandparent-palooza–it was Grandparent day at school last week, and ALL THREE of MaM’s g’parents made it! She was in 7th heaven, and it was really special to have them all here to spend some time with her.

I could have posted about the fabulous jewelry designer I met at our little school’s very own holiday bazar–Amy, proprieter of Stinky Toes Jewelry Designs. I think every person who came to shop bought a pendant for themselves or someone they know. Me? I bought for me, and one for my grandma. You can buy one too…

I could have posted, but these thoughts flow right through my brain these days, at a speed too fast to stop and record them. It’s a good thing that BgK takes even more pictures of the children than he does of himself in drag….


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