Crazy: Part Deux

So there was a moment tonight where I was helping MAM put all of her Hello Kitty bingo markers into a Halloween treat bag (their new home) while Jr was wiping the couch with a tissue. I laughed, thinking, “this is a nice side of crazy”. But it wasn’t the craziest thing I’d seen.

No, that had happened about 30minutes earlier……..when we walked into BgK’s plot to win Hannah Montana tickets for next week’s show. hannahMANTanna

What a dad won’t do for his kids. Go rate it now!

(and no, these aren’t my clothes-he bought them special at the goodwill)

5 Replies to “Crazy: Part Deux”

  1. I voted for you. I hope you win. Any dad that would dress up like that to win tickets to a Hannah Montana concert for their little girl deserves it! Good Luck.

  2. @Stephanie
    Thanks! I haven’t really looked at the rules/procedures…don’t know if it’s based on the popular vote or some other system. Never knew BgK was such a big Hannah fan….news to me!

  3. Dude looks like a lady…… But a lady, we know he ain’t….

    what a great dad – He’s zany, fun – he’s going to win so many dad awards of the years! (Even if he only gets the awards from his kids).

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