Parenthood: with a Side of Crazy

2009-04-17_VAR-26Last night, as Jr was picking apart a sunbutter sandwich, eating the filling with a spoon, and MaM was announcing, what, exactly she liked on her plate, and what she really didn’t like, BgK announced, “I don’t think people get how hard it is to do things around here.”

As I poured myself the last of the Shiraz, I asked, “Like what?”

“Like eat. And sleep,” he said, as he crossed the mine field of match box cars to join as at the table.

“Oh I think most of the people we know,” I said, catching Jr’s toss of a gummed piece of bread, “are right there with us, or have been there already.”

Right? Your houses have some crazy, right?

The 3 a.m. game of musical beds?

The extra minutes it takes to get out the door because it’s hard to put a jacket over fairy wings?

The mad hunt when the shrieking toddler doesn’t want just a cup of milk, he wants the milk in his one most favorite cup?

The simultaneous crying that breaks out when the younger bites the older–the older crying in pain, the younger crying because the older is crying?

You have some crazy, right? Please tell me some of your crazy. Please!

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  1. oh yes, crazy over here too – although with one child, it is a bit different … what drives me crazy is when I realize I’ve spent the last 15 minutes arguing w/ a 7-yr old rather than just saying “this is the way it is going to be, end of story” – I also very much enjoy (NOT!) the times he decides that a lengthy visit to the bathroom is required only after I’ve told him to put his toys away and get to bed, or when we’re supposed to be walking out the door for school …


  2. Oh, have no fear, my friend…we got some crazy going on around here too. Lots and lots of crazy.

    * must have 938473947 toys in the bed at bedtime (not just ANY toys, either)
    * must have the right cup
    * must repeat requests approximately 32943947937 before compliance occurs
    * drinking water from the shower floor (blech)
    * eating NO vegetable aside from the occasional carrot

    …among other things.

  3. The puddle on the table that you realize is saliva from where the redhead has emptied her vampire teeth of “water”? Or is it not knowing whose saliva it is because the same vampire teeth are the one and ONLY thing she has decided to share with her older brother?

  4. Thank you ladies, for a much needed laugh at oh-dark-thirty this morning–from the child who only is effected by time changes before the noon hour (earlier wake up time, same late bed time, lots of wake ups in between…)!!

  5. Oh, I’ve got crazy and then some. But as they get older, the crazy just gets different. You get the how many consecutive nights can you NOT eat dinner as a family because one has swimming, one has gymnastics, one has soccer and oh yeah, Mom can you drive me back to school because I forgot my backpack and I have 17 pages of science homework to finish by tomorrow morning?!

    Or the feeling that “Really, the Soviet Union fell?” I must have missed that because I never get to watch the television news because alien invaders masquerading as my son have taken over the television and all I see are fantasy plays on Madden 09 for the Playstation 3.

    Then there’s the spouse-induced crazy, when he gets up from the table, passes the sink overflowing with dishes, steps over the baskets of laundry waiting to be folded, walks by the 2 kids asking for homework help and says, “Wow. It’s good to have some time to relax.”

    Think the jury will buy “crazy?” as my defense?

  6. Cracking up… Yah, crazy is everywhere, honey, you bring it home from the hospital when you’re born, and with each kid… No one’s vaccinated from this one. Sometimes there’s the good crazy too, like when Marissa came down the hall this morning dressed in her long pseudo-velvet dress and with her Disney tiara on and said, eyes bright and shining, When I woke up this morning my dreams came true! Umm, your dreams of being a princess? I asked. Yes! she said. So that’s also a whole lotta crazy!

  7. I wish we had a little crazy. With a one, a two, and a three year old, we have nothing but CRAZY!

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