Ready to Make my Escape…

My Escape Plan, that is (truthfully, a real escape, like to a small, quiet, warm island would be nice, but not in the cards). I am talking an “Escape Plan” as in, what-to-do-when-confronted-with-a-violent-situation. It’s something I don’t want to think about, but one I sometimes do when I’m walking on the street out and about with the kids by myself. It’s something I thought about the last time I went downtown to meet friends–and thankfully, my friend Becky was thinking the same thing. We ended up parking next to each other–paying an extra dollar to be directly across the street to where we were going. Worth it? Totally.

An Escape Plan is hosting a FREE night of public safety training at Conseco Fieldhouse in downtown Indy on Wednesday night from 6-8pm. That’s right, it’s FREE. I am looking forward to learning more about how to keep my family safe, how to keep myself safe, and how not to be blindsided by something or someone because I am distracted (gabbing children? ringing cell phone?where’s the sippy cup? when did that dude start following us?!?). Protective thinking is something that sometimes takes a backseat to getting the kids from point A to point B, but it shouldn’t.

So, if you are local, I hope you are able to make it. If you are not, check out their they offer trainings, DVDs and good tips anyone can use to be safe.

**If you are able to attend Wednesday night, bring an old cellphone if you’ve got one (or two)–they are collecting them for the Verizon Hopeline Program!**

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