The Name Game–GIMH Adoption Blog Carnival #2

It’s time again for the blog carnival hosted at Grown in My Heart. This month’s topic is a broad one–“Names”. Anything about anything involving a name. Or two.

My first inclination was to write about how both of our children were named. For both of our children, we discussed names with Jane. With MAM, we emailed through the social worker before she was born. For Jr, we didn’t know his gender until he arrived–not that it would have mattered, because we really didn’t even have a short list of names for either sex. When he was born, we asked MAM what we should name him. She told us. It stuck.

And then,  while this month’s topic was being decided, Jane called with some information regarding her last name. She’s working on a class project, and so she’s doing a little research and a asking a few questions of her family members. And then she’s calling and sharing it with me, so I can share it with the children.

We are fortunate to know the names of our children’s birth mother, as well as their birth fathers. This is such precious information, and information I am thrilled to be able to share with them. Should we ever lose contact or contact information, the fact that we have first and last names (and birth dates, and birth place) should go a long way in relocating someone, and hopefully eliminate some of the wondering.

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  1. What a blessing to have that information! We knew – when we chose to adopt from China – that we would not have anything in terms of first family information. But I don’t think you truly *know* the impact of that until you live it.

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