Looking at Him

DSCN6206.AVIThis weekend I got to spend some serious one-on-one time with Junior. I got see him, really, just him. He got to have a taste of life as an only child. I can’t believe that every weekend used to be like this with MAM, but I’m sure I appreciated this weekend a little more because now one-on-one time with just one is so rare.

Anyway…..this weekend I was really looking at him\ I wanted to see what he would do without his older half leading the way. Without her prompting his reactions, without her protesting his every reach and grab for her toys….

Junior is most definitely a toddling toddler. He likes to push our giant Graco stroller via the storage basket–yesterday he pushed it all the way down the street and back. He is all about taking things out, throwing them around, and then picking them all back up and doing it again. He understands SO MUCH of what we say to him–we just need to give him a minute to respond (this may involve restraining his sister from interferring). Today he brought me his shoes, picked up his coat and walked out the door with me all by himself.

He thinks eyedrops tickle.

He likes to sit at the table, rather than use the tray on the booster seat.

He love to look at babies, and waves at them in magazines.

He loves all vehicles, with all his heart. He know helicopters are supposed to fly–when he pulls it out of the Matchbox box, he zooms it over his head. He thinks it tickles when he drives the cars over his torso.

When he points to the pantry and says, “Crack!” He most certainly means graham crackers, and not those silly saltines.

He slides down the stairs these days, faster than I can walk down them.

He is phenomenal.

Ok, I’m biased, but it’s true.

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