Sick Day Survival Kit

A long, long, time ago, back when Blog was a boy, I posted about how much I love me a drive through window.

Today, I was caught off guard by a boy with oozing eyes. After a trip to the doc (double pink eye, lingering ear infection, still cutting 8 teeth- talk about a trifecta), it was time to hit the drive through pharmacy. I could have used a quick run in to grab some things, but Jr had fallen asleep and I wasn’t about to wake  him up. That’s when I got to thinking–those places with drive through pharmacies?

They could make a killing with a mom’s “Sick Day Survival Kit”.Turn in this ticket at the window, and when you drive back through to get the Rx, a bag can be waiting for you with your selections from the following:

Children’s Needs Chocolate Caffiene Alcohol Sanity Savers
Pain reliever 3Muskateers Bar 1 lb ground coffee 6 pack Coors Light People magazine
Formula 6pack Hershey’s bars 2L diet Coke 6 pack Mikes Hard lemonade Paperback novel
Diapers Jumbo bag M&Ms 32oz Chai Latte 1 bottle red wine Sudoku book
Teething meds 1 lb mixed chocolate 6 pack Red Bull 1 bottle Absolut Redbox DVD
New toy for entertianment Chocolate cake from bakery Case of Diet Coke 1 keg Lady from the deli to sit in your car so you can go into the store and wander aimlessly, in silence for a few minutes….

What do you think?? Did I forget anything?

8 Replies to “Sick Day Survival Kit”

  1. I think this a great idea and have thought about it myself but not in such great detail! Do you think any of the big chains would go for it? I don’t want anybody to abuse the system either! HeHe

    1. Oh I think a doctor’s note would definitely be required. And maybe an employee would have to verify there’s a sleeping kid in the car….simply not wanting to wrestle kids in and out of the car, in and out of the cart, and through the checkout isn’t enough of an excuse for curbside service 🙂

  2. You are genius! Surely this business venture wouldn’t require too much start up capital from us – to launch this marketing campaign.

    They we either charge a minimal monthly fee for these stores to be able to take advantage of our brains, or we charge a 0.01% residual for the sale value of all those emergency kits exiting their stores.

    With luck, we could make enough to quit our day jobs and stay home with our kids so you could do more brainstorming! (Obviously, we’d take turns watching each others’ kids so the adult could brainstorm in relative quiet in Starbucks. Or did that even need to be mentioned?)

    1. I think we could absolutely work on comission here–we get a cut of all the sales from our brilliant ideas. And of course our office would be in Starbucks (although their machines are noisy and sometimes hurt my head)–in the “quiet room”–which would be my first brilliant idea for that company. Gosh, I think the job of “professional brainstormer” is definitely for me!!

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