And Now She Is Four

Fabulous and Four!!
Fabulous and Four!!

Oh my heavens. My girl is FOUR.

Happy Birthday, Sweetness!

The sun shines a little brighter, the flowers bloom a little bigger and the birds sing a little more sweetly all because you are in the world.

6 Replies to “And Now She Is Four”

  1. I truly cannot believe it….. It warms and breaks my heart at the same time that these kids are growing so quickly!

    Just last week, I was looking at her birth announcement (yes, sitll on my cubicle wall in my office from FOUR years ago!!! I can’t bear to take it down)with disbelieving eyes as I read and re-read the dates….

    Happy Birthday, MAM! WE love you!!!

  2. Wow, great picture! Is this one of the ones he took at the playground! Bless her heart, so cute! Happy birthday kiddo!

  3. Great picture of a very grown up 4 year old! It truly captures MAM. Hope a special granddaughter had a wonderful birthday week.

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