On the Edge of Summer Time

I love ice cream, especially in the summer time. Ice cream loves me too….it likes to hang around long after the taste is gone (think: ” A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips). So I was most excited to learn about Skinny Cow ice cream products a few summers ago.

I am a fan of the traditional ice cream sandwich-vanilla ice cream, with chocolate cookies as bookends. The vanilla Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are outstanding–unlike a lot of “lite” products, they are a decent size and don’t taste “lite”. I passed these out recently to my husband and my mom, and they both thought gave the vanilla Skinny Cow thumbs up.

The Skinny Cow website is full of information on healthy lifestyles, a downloadable walking journal, and the Weight Watchers points value for all products (they don’t make a dessert over 3 points! How great is that?). There’s even a “flavor finder” that can point you to a store that carries the product you crave.

Thanks to Mom Central for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour!

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  1. I LOVE the Skinny Cow products also! This week I have the fudge bars in my freezer to enjoy a little chocolate heaven in the evenings! Well, I had quite the challenge with the 3 bars out of 6 I have eaten so far, as the stick was totally encased within the bar! This has made for some difficult eating without the handy-dandy handle! It sure hasn’t stopped me from devouring them straight from the wrapper until I have eaten enough of the bar to make a handle for the rest! Sometimes you have to work for your chocolate fix!!!

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