Not the brightest jewel in the box…..

Have I mentioned Jr. is a big fan of sleep?? Or should I say that he prefers snacking to sleeping, given the choice??? After a brief stint at sleeping through the night (the only memory I have of it is the mention I give it on this blog, really), he’s been back to waking up at least once, if not twice a night. EVERY NIGHT. (note: he just turned 11 months old)

So anyway, I’m not a very bright light these days. The obvious is no long a given for me.

Last night, we went to a race party at “the Pink Tower”. A big tent, free food, free drinks, music on a gorgeous summer night. Heaven. But I noticed something: armed security. I found it strange that the valet parking guys were armed. The doorman into the jewelry store was armed. The security guys inside tent were armed. It took me a good 15 minutes to put it all together.

(if you haven’t figured it out yet, go take a nap and think on it. I’m going to try for mother/son nap time this afternoon myself…..)

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  1. Hmmm, armed security at a jewelry store… weird. Maybe they’re not warm trusting types, those jewelry store owners. :)Hope you got your nap!

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