There’s No Place Like Home

Baby boy was released this morning, and is currently napping with Daddy. Thankfully, he improved over his stay, and the doc said it will be a few more days before he’s 100%. Basically, babies can get these respitory viruses which are wicked because like any cold virus, you can’t really treat/attack the virus, it has to run it’s course. And when it’s in your lungs, it’s a little scary. But while he was there, they gave him no drugs whatsoever, and he was no worse than in the ER the day before where they gave him 3 treatments in 3 hours.

The other tidbit she shared with me today is the it’s not uncommon for kiddos to get a bacterial infection a week or two out after he gets better from this viral infection. With his immune system weakened from the virus, bacteria can then move in and cause ear infections, strep or pnuemonia.

AWESOME. Do they sell Clorox Anywhere by the gallon?

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  1. Boy, the end of school/daycare can’t come too quickly, can it? Maybe if you wrap him up in bubble wrap, with two small holes for breathing… Oy.

  2. Load him up with “good bacteria” yogurt. If my mother could have understood the development of drug-resistant viruses and bacteria, she would have exposed us to every germ source possible. Hey, kid, lick that handrail! Kiss that boy! The one with the sniffles! Yeah, share that straw! Every bug their body fights off now is strengthening their immune systems against the next pandemic. Skip the Clorox; mix yourself a cocktail and relax! (This isn’t my year to offer to babysit, but maybe next year.)

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