Calling all Super Readers!

It’s been a crazy couple of days. Everyone is on the mend, but as MAM recovered from her illness, Jr. went downhill quick with his.

Here’s the conversation we had on the way home, roughly four minutes after saying good night to Baby Brother and Daddy at the hospital.

“Mama, where’s Jr.?”

“He has to sleep at hospital tonight. The doctors need to make sure his breathing is OK at night. Daddy is staying with him, and you and I are going home.”

“He has a bad, bad, cough.”

“Yes MAM, he does, and the doctor is trying to figure out how to make it better.”

Super Why can help.”

“Honey, how can Super Why help?”

“With the power to read, Super Why can change the story to save the day!”

“How would he change the story?”

“Baby brother has a bad, bad cough. Baby brother is all better. Better. What sound does the word better start with? B. Better! Baby brother is all better!”

If only it were that simple!!! Thankfully, baby brother has gotten a lot better, but his shortness of breath/labored breathing continued even after three hours in the ER yesterday afternoon. So our family doc had him admitted today for observation, which, honestly, makes me feel so much better. I’ll feel MUCH better when he’s released and we can’t hear him breathing in the other room, but til then, I feel better knowing he’s in good hands that are looking out for him. And if Super Why can help, that’d be even better…..

3 Replies to “Calling all Super Readers!”

  1. I think AP would have been wishing more for Alpha Pig or Princess P, but hey – they all have powers!

    I’m just glad you’re all home now and hope that was the last of the illness for your family this spring/summer!!!

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