Cutting School

Preschool that is. Jr. is home today with….teething. Much as I can figure, that’s the diagnosis. MAM had a follow up ENT appointment, and her tonsils are doomed. After this morning’s appointment, it was closer to lunchtime than I thought it would be… we just came home. And she’s been playing, blissfully, by herself ever since. Cars up the stairs, cars down the stairs, cars lined up, cars spaced out… name it, she’s moved them that way. And Jr.? We ll that poor thing is just a hot mess. Nothing seems to be giving him relief–Tylenol, Hylands teething tablets, cold things, hard things, soft things….am I forgetting something? Let me know if you have any teething tips!!
For the record, her cars live in a cooler and a Tinkerbell lunchbox. Alnd I don’t believe in “bed skirts” or”dust ruffles”. Who needs a ruffle to collect dust? I have plenty of other surfaces to collect dust, thank you very much!

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  1. Oh, MAM, you and Reid are meant to be together someday! He would adore you for your car playing, arranging abilities. You guys could play cars for hours on end and be so happy together….

  2. One little girl, SO MANY cars! That’s so cute. I love it when they can be imaginative and play for long periods by themselves. It’s fun to watch them and listen… Looks like AP was the last two days – lying on the floor, head down, narrating whatever it was he was making his trains do…

    I have one picture of things arranged so methodically- our colored counting/math bears. He only did it the one time. I thought it interesting….

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